Monday, April 23, 2012

This is who I am

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend
I am creative & artistic
I love to cook & garden
I am all about colours, patterns & textures
I love chick flicks & Danielle Steel novels
I watch 1970-80's TV reruns & witty British comedies
Typography inspires me
I am a blogger & a blog reader
My current addiction is Pinterest
I'm in the midst of a torrid love affair with my IPhone
I love the outdoors
Sitting on the porch @ night listening with the Cicadias 
with my hubby makes me happy
I am ridding myself of toxic people full of drama
I love my curly red hair & freckles but hate my body
the weight I gained after 2 kids is still there....
I have only several close friends that I confide in
I am not a party girl....I like to hang around the house
Sunday drives in the country is when I am my happiest
I am a scrapbooker & crafter
I am stubborn & impatient
I strive to be a better mom everyday
I am not perfect & I do have flaws
My dream vacation is to pack up the truck & trailer 
and just go without a destination
I love to learn
I love butterfly & eskimo kisses with Noah
I love that Liam is my snuggle bug
I still get butterflies when Clay comes up behind me
in the kitchen and gives me kisses
I love my family more than anything else in this world



  1. Wow Danielle! What a fantastic list and beautiful layout! I love those Amy Tangerine leaves you have used!

  2. VERY Cool idea for journaling, LOVE it!

  3. Love this LO Danielle! What a great thing to document!

  4. Love the journalling, we sound a lot alike! Fantastic layout.

  5. Great layout Danielle! Amazing journaling...loved every word!

  6. I love it, its funny cuz I was thinking we're a lot alike too. I guess all us creative types are ;D

  7. Love this layout! Like the idea, it would be a good blog hop idea! I need to make a list too!


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