Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where Did April Go ?

Lets just say I have the pictures to prove that April was a busy month here in the Brown house!

We played at the park

I made my 1st pie crust ever

We rode bikes to school

I scrapbooked.... A LOT!

We went down the slide 100+ times

We got 1 good picture of the boys together!

I sat outside and read lots of books in the nice weather

Liam wrote his name on the wall and blamed it on Noah

I walked

We tried new recipes

I embraced my frizzy curls as it warmed up outside

Then I was sad that it snowed the next day

We slept really well, after all the fresh air from playing outside

Papa H & Gin bought the boys a new Jeep!

Molly had her hair cut

They ate LOTS of chocolate

Lots of kisses

Someone turned 4

We couldn't get him off the scooter! 

The Easter Bunny showed up

see..... we got a pic of the Easter Bunny!

He worked..

I created a menu plan for the month of May

I cooked spaghetti sauce, and mashed potatoes to fill the freezer

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