Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thunder Bay

At the end of April, Clay had some work to do on a helicopter up at the hangar in Thunder Bay, Ontario so he asked me if I wanted to come along!  And anyone who knows me, knows I am always up for a road trip!

we left at 5:16 am and started our 15 hr  journey
(we took the short way, crossing through the USA)

Love this bridge going over the Agawa River in Northern Ontario

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On the way.... in Northern Ontario

Watch out for Moose!

Beautiful ......

15hrs later we arrived in Thunder Bay!

The hangar

Clay hard at work

working some more

getting ready to go out for a flight

ready to take off

Clay & Chris

the gorgeous view

We found a Moose on the loose!!!!

Poor Mr. Brown has to listen to me sing along the way

Are we there yet?

ready to cross the border


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