Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Studio

Happy New Year Everyone!  Sorry for my absence for the past few weeks, but the holidays were pretty hectic around the Brown house....Anywhoo.....I got around to rearranging my Scrap Room over the holidays to make room for new Christmas treasures I got, and to get my self set up for Project Life.  I will apologize in advance for A) the crappy lighting of my photos, but I`ve been trying to wait for a sunny day, and well thats not happening, and B) for the amount of photos (my advice, grab a coffee and take a rest)  Anyway here goes
 here is a photo as you walk in the door.  Its pretty small, (it was the nursery) but I don`t mind because everything is so close to my work space...normally on a sunny day this room is flooded with so much light! Check it out here  
 Here is a photo of my Mister Hueys/Zing Embossing Powder/Martha Stewart storage area.  We will discuss my mild obsession with Mister Hueys tomorrow!
 This is to the left of my desk. 
 These are all my brads....I like things out in the open so I can see them
 This is my carousel where I keep all my scissors, knives, and other misc tools
 This fabulous storage unit was a "just because gift" from hubby.  It holds all kinds of little doodads.  On the top in my strawberry pot is my markers and glitter pens
 This is my new wireless printer/copier/scanner/faxer I got for Christmas
(notice the bag of Skittles santa left me to the right? Mmm, my fav!)
 In the white slots are some of my collection packs.  I have acrylic stamps stored in the damask binders.  Under the rack in the brown wood tray is where all my Smash products are.
 Here you can see under my desk...more storage bins and some albums....The WRMK Kiwi binder is my Project Life Binder for this year!
 This is next to the doorway coming in....The big purple rack holds soooo much! I think I need to purge some of that paper on the top rack....what do you think?  Above it is a little shelf that holds some photos and a Royal Doulton my Aunt Pam gave me! Thanks Aunt Pam...xoxo  The big gold glitter box hold a crap load of Lush Bath Products, while the rainbow drawers hold inks, stickers, and more.
 This is the rack that sits to the right of my desk.  This rack holds, my magazines.  The big wicker basket holds my Studio Calico Kits, and beside that sits my almost finished December Daily Journal.  The big basket on the floor to the left holds all my ribbons.
 These shelves sit above the black rack and hold jars of buttons, and other things!  
 This is to the right of my desk.  The drawers hold Project Life Stuff, while the tray holds the current Studio Calico kit I`m working with
Here is my Project Life Card Station!  I`m ready to journal at a moments notice! 
 More storage on my desk!
This is a close up of where I store my Studio Calico Kits.  
(see the christmas cards standing up....check out this link from Pinterest to see what I`ve done with them 
 Here is a shot inside my Project Life drawer
 Another Project Life drawer
 My egg basket full of fun little things
 A girl can never have too many colours of floss 
 My gumball machine - I believe everyone needs one of these in their scrap room!
This is under my desk.....the clear bin to the far left holds all my Thickers and other font stickers and to the far right, thats my sewing box 
 Embossing folders
 Acrylic Stamps (Thanks Stephanie Howell for the Cloud Stamps!!!!)
 Pens, Watercolour Pencils, Markers
 Rubber Stamp storage (that needs some purging)
 More Ink
 my 6 x 6 paper pad storage
 This is my pretty sparkly rock collection from Noah
 here is a close up of my shelves - the transport truck is circa 1976 from my house
growing up
The Batman Helicopter was from Clays younger days!

So thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of my Scrap Room....What did you think?  I`d love to hear!

I have given up this room for my son to have his own room
here is my new scrap space


  1. WoW!!! Awesome organization! Your room looks great, love all your supplies, so inspiring! Happy crafting in 2012!

  2. how FUN!! Looks like a great place to create :D

  3. This is SO AWESOME! You are a lucky lady! Love the gumball machine too ;) hehe

  4. Fabulous room!!! Love the trinkets left by your boys. I have a few of those in my room.

  5. Love your room! The gumball machine is so cute!

  6. I am so totally impressed! Love your space,the little sparkly rocks and the gumball machine.You're a lucky gal to not only have all that you do,but you also know what to do with it all!!! :)Thank you for the "tour"!!

  7. wow, you are super organized! I am impressed! I need to do some of this too. I have it sort of organized, but it needs more.

  8. I think you have more than a mild obsession there my friend...LOL. I'd like to see how it looks when you're in the midst of creating...I'm guessing it's not QUITE as neat and tidy then?????

  9. I agree about the gumball machine! I love your scrap room by the way!!!!! Oh...and i also have a large collection of rocks...from my boys over the years! LOL

  10. WOW! I am in love with your space- so much fun!!

  11. Thanks, gave me some ideas for some problem areas in my room.

  12. Quite a transition from here to your current space! I LOVE that you have a gumball machine. That is awesome.


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