Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Santa!!!!

In the spirit of the Christmas season fast approaching here is my favourite photo of the season so far!!!
 Poor Liam!  Clay & I decided to surprise the kids and take them out to Ruthven Nursery Center to see Santa Clause.  We stopped to pick up the boys Aunt Cherika, hot coffees and timbits, and off we went!  Noah was super excited for our surprise excursion, and chattered away the whole 40 minutes (Poor Cherika, she was in the back of the truck with the boys!)  Anyway, when we got there, Noah took one look and Santa, and said No!!! and hid behind Clay.  I took Liam over, dropped him on Santas lap and took a photo as fast as I could!!! All he said was "help Mama!" .  Santa then handed Liam a Candy Cane and let him pick and ornament off the tree.  Well once Noah saw that, he decided to go up to Santa, and offer him a high five in return for some candy and an ornament!  When we were done, we headed back out to the truck and that's when Noah started to cry....we wanted to buy me a sparkly ornament....so Clay took him back into the store to pick one out.  Well, he ran back out to the truck, proud as a peacock, and handed an ornament to me and one to Aunt Cherika!  He picked out a beautiful sparkly glass stack of presents for me, and a glittery aqua high heel for Cherkia!  We all had fun that day!


  1. what a fun memory. you gotta scrap that story!

  2. Oh how funny. Definately scrap this one!

  3. Scrap scrap scrap... Love that cute boy!!!!!!

  4. Those Santa outtake photos are the best! We have a few ourselves. LOL


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