Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Using Pink On A "BOY" Layout...

What?!!! Use Pink on "Boy" layouts? 

Yes! You heard correct!
I want to share with you 3 layouts I created using pink on my boys layouts.  Granted, I know my layouts are a bit "in your face" using pink with these 3 layouts, but... maybe you can pull  some ideas from these to incorporate some bits of pink to your layouts.

I love pairing pink, yellow & orange together.
It makes a great summery colour combination.

The Navy & Woodgrain help add a masculine touch to this layout with all the pink

The Lime Green in this layout is a little unexpected hit of colour that breaks up the hot pink & light pink

I hope that this post inspires you to not be afraid to add some pink to your layouts!  Whether it be just a subtle hit, or a more bold touch, its a nice unexpected hit of colour in a sea of the typical blue, red, yellow & orange colours used for boy layouts!



  1. These are all great but I love the first baby layout. Nothing wrong with pink on a boy layout.

  2. These layouts rock! The pink really works!!! :) Evie

  3. These layouts are great, the pink works so well on them. I have never tried using pink on my boys layouts, but I must say you have certainly inspired me to give it a go.....


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