Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I was a bit skeptical of this "lavender purple" paper, but the minute I set it next to the blue paper, I crushed hard!  I am in love with this colour combo right now!!!!

(my apologies for this photo, my kids lost my camera charger so I had to take this with my phone)

And I am loving the hits of gold with this combo

And sequins make everything better, right? lol
I challenge you to work with a colour you are skeptical of and pair it with a colour you love!
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  1. Sequins definitely make things better!!! Great layout!

  2. Lovely color combo! I was already in love with that deer paper from 25th and Pine - now I love it even more! And yes, the sequins are gorgeous!

  3. I love this color Cambo!! Sequins are a must have!!
    Awesome Awesome layout Chicie!!!


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