Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project Life

Once again, here is another Project Life post... I had was 6 wks behind on my PL but spent part of last week getting caught up...It was a fairly easy process because I print my photos from home, so as the days went by, I would print out some photo and put them together by week...and tuck them into a folded piece of paper with some notes jotted down.... This was a real time saver...

Main Pages

Left Side

Right Side
Notice my mistake? The date card says March...That should be February! 
I have since pulled that out and will replace it today!

Close Ups

This is the card that I made the mistake on ;)

Thanks for looking!



  1. I hope you're able to save the Thicker letters!! Very cute pages.

  2. I really like your style! This is my first year for Project Life, and I was thinking last night how boring and "alike" my pages are looking. Thank you for some awesome inspiration! :)

  3. I love all the embellishments you add like each slot is a mini scrap page

  4. I love all the elements you included to showcase your photos! Hopefully you can save those thickers...I love that font! :)

  5. It feels like I am looking at lots of little layouts!

  6. So very cute! love it!I like to use 6 by 6 pads for PL as well! hope you can save those thickers!

  7. love it, well done on getting caught up, Funny to see the Roadhouse pic there, as there is a trucker stop hotel thingy 10 minutes from me called the Roadhouse and every time i drive by i think of dear Patrick (yes i may love him)

  8. I just love your PL pages-so, so great.


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