Wednesday, October 10, 2012

He Sleeps.....

Liam, I love how you sleep.
I always want to remember this...
Love Mom xoxo

 Sweet Dreams Peekachoo



  1. So Precious!!! I love watching my little ones sleep...Just stay little!! Enjoy him!

  2. Awwww so cute! They ARE adorable when they sleep! Almost makes you forget what terrors they are when they are awake... almost... hahahahahaha!
    BTW - I love your blog.
    I love that it's a mix of different things, not just crafty stuff!
    Not that there is anything wrong w/ crafty stuff, afterall I am "crafty" myself, but it's nice to get to learn about other aspects of people's lives...

  3. Happy to see that I am not only mom who takes pictures of her babes sleeping. Love how they can sleep in the oddest positions sometimes.

  4. I love those car/truck sheets!! I am always afraid the camera will wake my babies when they're sleeping, esp the 3yo! But they look so sweet.


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