Friday, July 13, 2012

A Night At The Hanger

Its getting crazy busy at the hubby's work right now.  He is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer / Director of Maintenance  for Zimmer Air Services.  Right now they are in the middle of spraying corn crops in Ontario.  This means long hours at work, and an hour drive to and from work. 
 Last night I packed up the kids and some food to BBQ and drove out there.  Here are some photos of our night!
Future Pilot Noah
Rob and Clay waiting for the helicopter to come in for refueling 
Tail Rotor 
Ron putting the helicopter to bed
Noah pretending to drive my truck
Clay waiting for the helicopter to land
Liam excited to see Ron fly in!
Wise Words


  1. this is so cool! what an awesome job to have. love that you all tailgated and were able to spend some time together while hubby worked:)

  2. what an awesome experience and memory! xoxo


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