Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Life at the Brown's!

This is a typical day around the Brown house! 
 Lets start with Noah....So we live in a 1960's side split, and I'm fairly certain that the door knobs in the house are just as old (how you ask? umm, maybe the fact that when I took the door knob off the bathroom door, I found vintage wallpaper behind it.....who wallpapers a bathroom door?) Anyhoo back to my story, so Noah  locked himself in the bathroom on purpose, then would come out. He did this several times...he thought it was a game. Not wanting to make a big deal about it, I grabbed a screwdriver to take the handle off, because if he locked Liam in, he wouldn't know what to do. (did I mention the handles are so old, the emergency release was stuck, hence why the handle needed to come off) So I took the handles off, but forgot one key piece....that thingy that clicks the door shut into the my sister in law Cherika and I are sitting on the couch, (in view of the door) and Noah goes in, shuts the door, and I hear the click....Damn...Cherika goes running up the 6 stairs in a panic.... while I (the fabulous mother I am) just sit back and sip on my coffee (thinking to myself, he is fine, he can't get into trouble there, and that means peace for me, and I can actually finish  my coffee while its still hot)..... then the bright idea hit me, "this would make an awesome Instagram Photo to scrapbook!" (thats the good mother in me - in the event of an emergency snap photo 1st, then react!).....It took 20 minutes, an allen key, a screwdriver, and Cherikas nimble fingers before we were finally able to release him!

Next up is Liam
 This is what happens when you give a little boy oatmeal, while there is a 1971 Chevy Chevelle on the table

Then, do you ever get the feeling like someone is watching know that feeling when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.....
Yep, well, here is who was watching very own Peeping Tom!!!! A silly furry grey Ninja Squirrel...

Anyone want to come over for a visit? I will supply the entertainment!


  1. oh, that's too funny! oatmeal + toy car is like playing in mud to him!! :)

  2. love your pics documenting the day to day crazies of life!

  3. Ha ha! My boy used to stuff fries into cars. Have no idea why!

  4. LOL! Okay, that definitely made me laugh!

  5. oh, this looks just about like the shenanigans that go on around my house :) i love that last photo though, made me giggle!!!

  6. those are seriously so FUNNY! I can totally relate on the boy photos -- it's completely just normal with boys around! :)

  7. Sounds like your house is fun! Love the car in the oatmeal picture. I have two boys, so I can totally relate. So glad you linked up with us over at #findingthefunny!


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