Thursday, February 9, 2012


So my as I sit here drinking my coffee at my dining room table,  this is what I'm faced with....(a creative mess) My Mister Huey's Inks, Studio Calico's February Kit & Project my question to you is:

What's on your dining room table?



  1. On my dining room table sits the sewing machine (still in its packaging) that I bought myself for Christmas! I have a whole scraproom with a huge desk, but no place for a sewing machine, so it is always downstairs in the dining room.

    Have fun with the goodies!

    1. hahah, same here - I have a scraproom with a large table, and here I what the heck am I going to do come Friday when my Cameo arrives?????

  2. My laptop and random junk that everyone sits on the table and then forgets about!

  3. Believe it or not, absolutely nothing!!! My hubby uses it for work, but he's away right now, so I cleaned it all up. :)

  4. NOTHING!! And it better stay that way, too!!! He! HE! he!!

  5. i am forever cleaning scrapbooking supplies off of my table. we only have one so it is more of a kitchen table than a dining room table but, if i have to clear it off before a meal, it is always scrapbook supplies that i am cleaning off!

  6. Mine has a cake server plate thingy and a bouquet of flowers in a vase and that is ALL! Which is very strange for me... there's usually tons of non-dining-room-table-related-crap all over it! :)

  7. I sure do love looking at mister huey! Anyway, there's a lazy susan and a basket of napkins. We eat dinner at our table every night, so it's always cleared of stuff. :)

  8. My laptop, printer, Big Shot, Cricut, Cropper Hopper full of paper, scoring board and a tin I want to alter. Oh, and a lamp.

    Yes, I scrap in the dining room. We eat in the kitchen.


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