Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Story

Our Story in point form

  • We met on an online dating service
  • Our 1st date was supposed to be the end of October 2006, but he stood me up! (he lived 4 hours away and they had a freak crazy snow storm that wiped out power & snowed him in, of course I thought he was bullshitting me, until I checked out the weather in the Niagara region...)
  • After our 2nd date, I felt maybe he was "too nice" and was going end things but my girlfriend told me where too go, and suggested (yelled at me) to give him a shot...FINE!
  • I played hard to get...he would drive 4 hours to see me (and spend the weekend down here with friends)  and after our friday night date I would tell him I had other plans for the weekend...(my plans included drinking coffee and playing Animal Crossing at my friends house....don't ask)
  • I finally gave in, and fell hard!
  • He worked out in the bush in Manitoba 3-4wks out 1-2 wks home
  • In March 2007 he sold his house and moved in with me
  • In July 2007 he proposed 
  • In November 2007 we bought our house
  • In December 2007 I became pregnant for Noah
  • In March 2008 he started a new job an hour away, which meant for the most part, he was home every night...
  • The end of August 2008 I was stressing because I was an emotional, hormonal, large pregnant lady ready to pop....and my husband was working out in the bush for the month available mostly by satellite phone 
  • September 13 2008 Noah arrived after over 26hrs of labour and 2 Epidurals & a top up along with a spinal then an emergency C-Section (and yes Clay was there!)
  • August 2009 I became pregnant again.....
  • August 2009 I travelled with a 11 month old & Clay out into the bush (no cell/internet service...Crazy!!!!) with our trailer...so we could spend time together while he was fixing helicopters (what was I thinking???) no seriously, other than the mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, bear outside our trailer one night we had fun!
  • September 4 2009 - We got married at City Hall and then had a backyard BBQ reception the next day! 
  • October 2009 We went on our honeymoon! We rented a log house in Tennessee, and brought our parents, and my brothers!
  • April 20 2010 - we welcomed Liam to the world with another C-Section
Fast Forward to today......we have lived a crazy life these past several years, but let me tell you......I wouldn't change a thing!  I love Clay with all my heart & soul.....We have had our ups & downs....we are both stubborn & independent & strong willed.....but that's why it works! He  loves me, everything about me,  he is generous, kind hearted, a loving father, he is a good provider, and passionate about everything that he does.  I could not imagine a life without him......I love him with all my heart!  




  1. That was a great read - thanks for sharing, Danielle! I live in Manitoba, where was your husband working?

    1. he was working for Custom Helicopters based in Winnipeg, and worked in the bush in places like, Gilham, Churchill, The Pas, Thompson.....Thanks for reading!


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