Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jumping in the Leaves

Oh how I love the fall! I love the colours, the smell of the leaves, caramel apples and the crisp air.....This is a layout I made using Studio Calico's Glee Club Kit. It was such a nice day when I took these photos!  The sun was bright, the air was crisp, and we had more leaves than then you could imagine!  That day we bagged up 23 Lawn & Leaf bags in the backyard  and we could have done more, but we only had 23 bags to use!  That did't finish the backyard, nor did it even touch the front yard! ( the front yard took another 13 bags!!!)

The journalling on this layout reads: "Noah, you had so much fun that was a crisp fall day, but the sun was shining while you Liam & Daddy went outside to rake the leaves in the backyard.  Daddy used the leaf blower and made a "mountain" for you to jump in.  At the end of the day we had something like 23 bags (and that wasn't even counting the front!)"

PS: Amy Tan, if you are reading this.....I love your Fabric Alpha's so much, that I will simply die if they ever become discontinued! (hugs)


  1. Your layout is amazing, and I agree about Amy Tan's thickers!!

  2. Oh, I so love those thickers, too!
    Love how you journaled down the side!

  3. Wonderful layout! Love how you did the border punch in just a few spots.

  4. so lovely!
    however, just as a warning, when the thickers sell out, they are likely to be gone. in fact i think the grey ones are dwindling down, so perhaps you'd like to stock up?

  5. Love your design and colors...I love fall too!


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