Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Studio Calico Ordered Arrived!

So, as I have said before, I am completely smitten with Studio Calico.  I was especially excited for this months kit Glee to arrive because the guest designer is Amy Tan aka (amy tangerine), and she designed all kinds of exclusives for this kit!  Also, Lisa over at Studio Calico wanted us to take photos of our kits when they arrived and how we unpack them! So, here goes...(please note, I usually open with a glass of Rye, but as it was early when it arrived, I opted for my trusty sidekick - the pot of coffee!)

 Here it is! There is music playing in my head as I give thanks for
my new box of goodies!

 Oh the excitement! I have butterflies in my stomach

 I carefully unload all the packages out of the box!
The suspense is building! Which bag do I open first?

 I opted to open the "Extras" first! And let me say, 
I'm in love! Especially with those cute butterflies

TaDa!!!!! Here it is! My fabulous order all spread out
for all to see!  Now I must quickly pack it back up, (as the kids are up)
but later tonight, when the house is silent, and everyone is sleeping,
I will pull it all back out again, and just stare at it!  From here I start putting
ideas in my head as to what works well together, colour combos, etc.  

So this is my Studio Calico Box Opening Ritual

Thanks for looking!


  1. now that is a box of happiness. thanks for sharing!

  2. it looks delicious! love how you laid it all out!

  3. Just looking at it makes me soooo excited! My should be here very soon too!

  4. I've been procrastinating about purchasing a SC kit. After seeing all your goodies, I think I should just go ahead and do it!


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