Friday, September 16, 2011


So I'm going to blog about something a little different today.  I was going to post my latest layout, but its missing something, and I'm not sure what yet, so I'm going to go back to it in the morning.  I've decided to blog about my must have make up favs!!!  If you ask anyone who knows me, I am a product junkie!  I love to try all the latest and greatest products that are out there, but in the end, these products are my tried and true fav's that I cannot live without!
Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in Medium Biege
with Mineral Veil.  I have sensitive skin
and have never had a problem
 Nars Blush in Orgasm. 
Its a light colour that flatters
every skin tone!
 Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.
Goes on like butter and lasts forever.

 MAC Eye Shadow in Taupe
& Sumptuous Olive.  Last right into 
the next day (perfect for those lazy days)

 MAC Eye Liner in Forever Green.
It has gold flecks in it and is
gorgeous with brown eyes.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
in Blackest Black! Give a 
gorgeous fringe and doesn't flake!
 Philosophy Hope in a Jar
Face Cream.  This is a dream for
my sensitive skin!

Smiths Rosebud Salve.
This is a must have for everyone!
I love it on my lips. Leave a nice sheen
and not goopy! You will never 
own a tube of chapstick again!
 (its also great on your cuticles)

Nars Bronzer in Laguna.
Its the most flattering bronzer 
I've ever used.  Anyone can 
wear this and not worry about looking 
like they just came off the show
Jersey Shore!
 Philosophy Purity Made Simple
Face Wash.  I've been using this
for 7 years, and I will die if it is 
ever discontinued!  Its a cult fav!
There is no soap in it so you never have to 
worry about your face drying out!

So those are my must haves! Let me know what you think and let me know your must have products! I'm always on the lookout for something new to try!
Maybe next week I could to a post on my favourite hair products, what do you think???


  1. Thanks for the products list, I am on the hunt for a new mascara. I am def. going to look into that one. I am always intrigued w/ the Bare Minerals, I have watched that infomercial way too many times!! Thanks for the info!!

  2. I don't have any must have make up products, don't use make up.

  3. this is great! I'm with you on the Philosophy, the MAC and the Mineral Veil!

  4. Great post girl! I am a MAC girl myself and have a silly ridiculous collection. but my absolute must haves are MAC Studio Fix foundation and Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Poweder, Plum du Bois Blush (MAC), MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork and MAC Falsy Mascara in Black. I can go out with just that and be perfectly happy. Oh, and lip balm.

  5. I just visited my first Safora counter last weekend, I loved everything and got most of it. Their mineral powder, concealer, eye liner, 5 color pallets and mascara. I thought I was set but them yesterday my eyes began itching, I don't think I can use the mascara:(

  6. recommend me an easy to use eyeliner - felt tip only please! heeeheee... i'm clumsy!

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    @ 5Chicks - Bare Minerals is the best product ever! Stop by a Sephora without any make up on and they will do it for you and show you how to apply the Bare Minerals! So worth it

    @ Donna - Nothing better than finding awesome make up that works for you!!!!

    @ Ursual - ummm I just counted and I have currently have 18 MAC eyeliners! Does that make me an addict? lol!

    @ Ashjoy - God bless Sephora! My favourite beauty store ever! I have not tried the Bare Minerals Mascara...This is good to know!

    @ Jamie - Rosebud Salve is a must! Go get 2, one for your purse and one for your house! They now have a tinted one also, and I'm a fan of it for my lips!!!!

    @ Sasha - I recommend 2 felt eyeliners
    1) High End - Lancome Artliner,default,sc.html
    2) Low End - Loreal Linuer Intense Felt Tip

  8. I use a lot of these same products :)

  9. that may actually qualify you. Now I have to go and count mine.......oh dear. It is worse than I thought. The number is 29 and that is just the MAC one's. Sheesh. And I have gotten rid of a lot of what I had!

  10. Ursula I think we could be great friend! lol!


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