Saturday, July 9, 2011


So as I'm sitting in the next room, 
I see the boys playing in 
the entryway.  They are laying on their tummies
playing with trucks.  I can hear Noah telling Liam, 
"Lets shovel the snow with the digger truck".
 I'm thinking, how cute, 
the boys are playing so nice together.  
This should have been my first clue! 
 This is what happens when
all you see are your kids legs, 
sticking out from around
the corner, but don't actually see "everything"

This is what happened in a mere 5 minutes;

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. LOL, to funny and way to cute!

  2. Okay...this is just too cute! I hate to say this but this really just brightened my day! I am glad I found your blogwhile on Hopefully I will have some new posts soon. I have blog candy right now on my blog if you want to go over and

  3. look at the bright side.. at least it's only powder. mine smeared an antire tub of NIVEA creme onto herself, my sofa, my tv and my wall. LOL.


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