Thursday, March 31, 2011

This was hard.....

This had to be one of the hardest projects I've done!
Why?, you ask, well let me start
by saying, the actual concept was super easy,
it was the challenge that Marie from my LSS
Paper Craft Cafe gave me.  Marie handed me
And asked me to design this for her store.
The reason I struggled with this project was
because of the paper.  It is not my style, It was not
something that I would have chosen.  Poor Marie,
this project took me forever!  But after many hours,
looking, thinking and rearranging and detailing,
this is what I came up with!  I tried to do little
things that would put a bit of my style on it without
taking away from the "homey" feeling of the paper.

I started by painting the frame black, then
I put a coat of brown over top.  When it dried I sanded it a
bit to give it a worn look.

Here is a close up of some hand stitching that I did.
The pattern was printed on the paper, but I had to put 
my spin on it, so I sat at my desk, and hand pierced all the
little holes so that I could cross stitch the birds. 
I love the depth it gives to the paper!

Here I just added a button with some floss to
make the clock "pop" a little

I did the same here, but I aslo added a bit of
sparkle on the white line with my Sakura
Stardust Pen

Here I added some scraps of ribbon

Here I punched some flowers, from some scraps of
paper I had.  I had to add some sparkle!

I have to say, once I figure out how to work with this paper,
the project flew!  I think I may have to teach a
class on this in the near future!


  1. I don't mind waiting when a project turns out like this. you did a fantastic job Danielle...thanks a bunch!

  2. I really love the stitched birds!


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